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September 2002

what do actor john malkovich, body shop founder anita roddick, author hunter s thompson and venomous jellyfish have in common? they are all mentioned in passing on the same webpage

yes virginia, there are drugs in singapore
despite having some of the toughest substance abuse laws in the world the city-state also has its fair share of drug abusers. jo lim talks to one, as well as to the people trying to combat the problem more

quoth the raven nevermore
ghosts aren't just the white sheet variety haunting eighteenth century western mansions and graveyards. eastern ghosts are just as exciting, as suhara bte mohd yusof finds out more

s is for scooter
it's easy to forgive the italians for things like the mafia when you think of their other contributions to the world - like pasta and the vespa. jon kang tells us about the latter more